• Our newest design of one of the Mol transport trucks


    Nucleus stock in Ethiopia

    EthiopieThe nucleus stock department in Ethiopia is almost completed. Florensis Ethiopia takes 8500 m2 nucleus stock space into operation in order to be able to fully provide her production capacity with 100% clean material.
    Previously this was done at our location in Hendrik-ido-Ambacht in the Netherlands

    Winners Cabaret Night Out!

    Winnaars Cabaret ENG



    IPM 2014

    During the IPM 2014 in Essen, we have received many visitors at our stand. We would like to thank everyone for visiting our Florensis booth.

    This year the main focus of our stand was on our cheerful Calibrachoa CabaretTM; our sunny Pelargonium Toscana® (in collaboration with our partner P. v.d. Haak) and our easy Primula PrimeTime.

    Furthermore, you could enjoy the beautiful Eustoma FleurElisa of Florensis Cut Flowers and the tasty La Sélection du Chef® series of Graines Voltz.

    Next year we hope to welcome you again at our stand at IPM 2015 in Essen.


    Cool Wave® Golden Yellow wins Taspo Award 2013

    In the category “Breeding of the year”, the Viola Cool Wave Golden Yellow has won the coveted TASPO Award 2013. The Cool Wave Golden Yellow is bred by PamAmerican Seed (www.panamseed.com) and distributed by Florensis.

    Viola Cool Wave Golden Yellow stands out for its large flowers combined with a very good branching and beautiful hanging plant habit with excellent garden performance. Cool Wave with its powerful colours, flowers unusually long under all circumstances. Cool Wave brings new and exciting possibilities for the use of pansies.


    Florensis comes with Cool Wave Golden Yellow with a new way of thinking about varieties: This colour also has, like the other Viola Cool Wave sisters, the mentioned specific variety advantages – these should however be looked at throughout the whole market, to present them from the grower to the retailer as desirable and even as indispensable.

    A „one-piece“ planning – from the breeding through culture and retail right up to consumer needs – leads to varieties which prosper in the competition.

    Cool Wave aims at the commercial success of horticulture by implementing and serving the user’s lifestyle.

    According to the new, forward-looking and integral variety philosophy of Florensis, Cool Wave pansies go far beyond botanical and genetic characteristics. Florensis introduced Cool Wave, because it meets in an inimitable and integrated way the requirements of growers and retail as well as the customers’ demand for lifestyle. Hobby gardeners will meet this novelty not only in form of merchandising, PR and advertisements, but also increasingly via new media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest and thereby Cool Wave is omnipresent.

    We thank our clients and partners for their great cooperation and look forward to the future!

    FloraHolland Trade Fair 2013


    Last week Florensis was a first-time exhibitor during the Trade Fair in Aalsmeer (Netherlands) and the first impressions were very positive. The visitors were relaxed and enjoyed themselves. Florensis presented two products, Pelargonium Toscana® and Calibrachoa CabaretTM. The Traide Fair visitors got a sneak preview of IPM 2014.

    Toscana Pelargonium

    In the beginning of November a small group of Belgium growers were invited by Toscana pelargonium to visit the production location of Florensis in Kenya. At this location the production of unrooted and rooted cuttings of our Toscana pelargonium takes place amongst other things.

    Website Toscana

    Toscana® offers

    reliable and high quality varieties

    with modern & bright colours

    Toscana for a successful season

    • Trendy colours and varieties

    • Uniform products of high quality

    • Attractive presentation

    • For hanging baskets and window boxes

    • Strong plants with excellent garden performance


    Dutch minister Ploumen visits Florensis Kenya


    Last October, Florensis Kenya was the host to a round table discussion with Dutch Minister Ploumen of Foreign Trade and Development.

    She visited Kenya with a Dutch Trade Mission. The main subject of the round table discussion at Florensis, was Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and it was participated by Kenyan and Dutch businesses, civil society and the government.

    Florensis Kenya felt proud and privileged to host this specific discussion. This gave us the opportunity to show case how Corporate Social Responsible we aim to be as a company.

    At our company grounds we have a village for our employees; including a day care center and an own health care clinic, where our employees and their family members get free health care.

    Furthermore, we only grow in Pumice (a local type of lava stone) and nothing directly in the soil. Moreover, we use integrated crop protection, which results in a lower use of chemicals due to the application of natural enemies (like predatory mites, fungi and nematodes).  Additionally we are in the advanced stages of research to treat our crops with UV-light to prevent harmful fungi growth.

    All of this has resulted in the fact that we have been KFC (Kenyan Flower Council) certified for many years, and in the possession of the Global G.A.P. certificate.