Job opportunities


Innovative professional

Florensis is an innovative and rapidly growing company. A professional ‘family’. Our head office plus a modern nursery covering 100,000 m2 are located in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, the Netherlands. We specialise in the production, selection and sale of high-quality starting material, flower seed and young plant material for use by professional growers.

An international player

Production and selection take place at various locations in Europe and Africa. We have subsidiaries in Weeze (Germany), Sint-Amands (Belgium), Milan (Italy), Münsingen (Switzerland), Pegões (Portugal), Naivasha (Kenya) and Koka (Ethiopia). The sale of seed and plants takes place primarily within Europe. Worldwide, Florensis has around 2,000 employees, around 190 of whom work in the Netherlands.

Growth and professionalising

Florensis was recently presented with the prestigious 2015 Horticultural Entrepreneur Award: a recognition for what we have already achieved and an encouragement to take the next step in our professionalisation process.

Job Opportunities