Florensis Cut Flowers is Europe’s largest supplier of cut flower young plants from seed. We now supply our customers with more than 250 million young plants a year.

Florensis Cut Flowers (FCF) in Rijsenhout, the Netherlands, emerged in 2009 when Florensis acquired Ball Holland. The pot and bedding plant activities subsequently moved to the town of Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, and FCF was launched in Rijsenhout where it specialises in the cultivation of seed propagated young plants for cut flower production. FCF is Europe’s largest and market leading supplier of cut flower young plants from seed.

How we operate
Since 2009, a commitment to improving the quality of our products has led to investments in supplemental lighting and in sorting and selection machinery for young plants. We have also installed greenhouse cooling to guarantee the best possible climate for cultivating Lisianthus during the summer period. After all, what applies to all Florensis products applies here too: we want to supply our customers with the very best products. That’s why, besides our own personal commitment, we also work with a large number of highly reputable suppliers and other breeders when it comes to breeding and selection. And all with our goal in mind: to give our customers the best possible product!