Our wetlands in full production

Green project

Since 2018 we are operating our constructed wetland at Florensis Abyssinia in Ejersa. This was started up as project, funded by EPHEA (Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association) and involvement of FSI (Floriculture Sustainability Initiative).

How does it work?

Our constructed wetland is used as wastewater treatment for the salty wastewater brine which is a by-product of the reverse osmosis. Besides the salty brine, we collect all wastewater from the farm, including the water from irrigation, disinfectants and crop protection agents. This wastewater is collected and brought to the constructed wetland next to our farm. In the different steps of the wetland excess salts are filtered out of the wastewater naturally by special salt tolerant plants.

Beautiful landscape

With the filtered water we irrigate our outdoor plants and lawns. Apart from being sustainable, the complete landscape around our farm also has become very beautiful in the meantime! To support our neighbouring local farmers, we give them our remaining water which they use to grow products for the local market, like maize, onion and cabbage.



Recent wetland construction

 At our other production location, Florensis Ethiopia PLC in Koka, we inaugurated a constructed wetland in 2020, working in the same efficient way. At this location it’s the last step of our complete sustainable water management system. Read more here.





New lake


Hydroponic gravel bed.

Sustainable development goals

With this project we contribute to SDG goal 12 ‘Responsible consumption and production’ , one of the six Sustainable Development Goals that we selected to focus on in our sustainability policy.



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