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This cut flower (common name: Snapdragon) originated in the Mediterranean region, particularly on the Iberian Peninsula. This product is one of the world’s most widely grown cut flowers. The breeding of Antirrhinum in the USA has resulted in many new varieties that are classified into several groups according to their planting period. Dutch breeders have now created varieties which can be grown over a longer period than the cultivars originally developed in the USA. Breeders constantly and actively look to improve and develop a crop, which means new and improved varieties in the cut flower range can be expected over the coming years. Antirrhinum can be cultivated both under glass and outdoors. The varieties we offer are divided into groups according to the best possible planting period indicated for greenhouse conditions in the Netherlands: Group 0 To be planted during weeks 37 - 40 Series: Cool Group 1 To be planted during weeks 47 - 10 Series: Animation Antibes Group 2 To be planted during weeks 6 - 14 and weeks 32 - 34 Series: Admiral Avignon Legend Maryland Group 3 To be planted during weeks 10 - 14 and weeks 31 - 32 Series: Costa Cannes Monaco Overture 4 To be planted during weeks 11-30 Series: Costa Summer Opus III/IV Potomac The classification into groups is an indication of planting period based on information obtained from the breeder. The varieties Antibes, Avignon, Cannes and Orleans have not yet undergone testing by our seed supplier for purity and trueness to type. And, due to insufficient cultivation experience, they have not yet been definitely classified according to a group.

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