A colourful company with a diversity of employees

With plants as our product, we are a very colourful company. As an international company with locations all over the world, we can say we are very colourful and diverse as well. Despite this, we share the same standards and values. How we do that you can read in this blog.

How do we stay united 
We are always on the lookout for new and inspirational colleagues, whether this is for our European or African locations. When hiring new staff, we always look at what is best for both Florensis and our potential employees to create the perfect match between the two. This is the only way to achieve the best result where everyone can excel, grow and develop in what they do best. 

To stay creative, all our employees are offered an innovative, dynamic and international working environment with a pleasant, informal atmosphere. In addition, the complexity of the production process and the dynamism of our product and market make the work varied and challenging. It is never boring here! 

"We think personal growth is very important"

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Diversity in our employees 
As part of a leadership course, several managers worked with personality profiles, among other things, to contribute to a better team composition and team development. In this form, colour profiles are used in order to get a better picture of a person. Understanding each other's profile helps to understand each other better and strengthens cooperation. For instance, how do you deal with change? What gives you energy? Are you a structured or rather a creative person? In addition, we are using a new HR cycle in which all departments translate the organisational goals into team goals and personal goals of each individual Florensis employee.

With all this information, we can get a better idea of how somebody can fit the best into the department. Of course, we make no distinction in age, background or gender. Everyone is welcome! Besides, our employees are given a lot of responsibility and there is plenty of room for individual contributions, personal growth and development. We think personal growth is very important.