Bika Kindergarten opened

As Florensis we want to take our social responsibility to the local community around our production locations and therefore yearly support the inhabitants by setting up various projects. October 2022, our production locations Florensis Abyssinia and Florensis Makeda in Ejersa ( Ethiopia) have completed the project of the kindergarten classroom building at the Bika School. The project with the name 'Bu’uura Borru’, meaning Hope of the future, has been done together with Ziquala Horti.

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With the finalization of this project, the local community is now able to send their kids from the beginning at age 4.
Those kids will get fundamental education which can build their knowledge and prepare them for their upcoming future.

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The new kindergarten building consists of 3 classrooms, 1 resting room, 8 toilets and 2 shower rooms.
As Florensis, we also have provided the necessary education materials like a writing board and kids chairs.
Currently 93 kids are making use of the brand new facility. 


The festive opening was organised by the community and took place outside the school building.

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Recycling into a comfortable seat

From the upper class of the Bika School, there were some school sitting desks which were broken and not comfortable to sit on. So we decided to take them to Florensis and to do some maintenance. The final result was fantastic and we have completed around 70 desks and returned back to the school.