Find your Toscana® in just a few steps with our strong segmentation

As a grower it is not always easy to find the right Toscana pelargonium to fit into your programme. We as Florensis are well aware of this. We have customers all over Europe with different needs, depending on their local market and different climates. We as Florensis are not only constantly improving our varieties with our breeding programmes but we have also built up a segmentation that can easily help you find the perfect Toscana for you.

Endisch Geranien
Five years ago we acquired the Pelargonium breeding of Endisch Geranien. The addition of the Endisch varieties, with their proven genetics, to our programme made Toscana even stronger and more complete. We are proud to say that we now have a variety for every pot size. This acquisition was also the beginning of the renewal of our Toscana segmentation.

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Right series
Tell us which Toscana colours you like and we will help you find the right series that not only has your favourite colours in it but also the right pot size, flowering time and growth habit to fit your programme.

To better serve you, we have created a simple tool to help you choose the right assortment and have a tailor-made solution for you. 

Toscana catalogue
Our Toscana catalogue will help you order Toscana in a few logical steps. First you can decide whether you want our standing zonal varieties or our hanging peltatum varieties.

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Pelargonium zonale
If you want an upright variety then you can choose from dark-leaved or green leaved. If you then want a dark-leaved variety in a large pot, our Dolce Vita series will suit you best. This series has become a classic for the Northern European market with our bestsellers: Anne and Klaas that are constantly being improved on colour, flowering time, planthabit, garden performance and flower size.

Last year we introduced our Toscana Galaxy which can be grown in even larger pots. For a dark leaved compact variety we have our Castello series.

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Pelargonium peltatum
The same applies to our hanging varieties: our peltatum varieties are divided into: green leaved, double or single flowered. And available in the size: X, L, M or C.

In southern Europe, growers prefer peltatum with green leaves in large pots. Our bestsellers are: Big 5 in the X line and Medio for the L line

Moonflair was introduced a few years ago as a compact hanging variety. A special feature of Moonflair is that this Pelargonium does not need poles or a plastic cage, which makes it very sustainable.

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As single flowered series, Viletta is our topper and for interspecific varieties the Xtreme varieties.

We have been working on our Toscana range for 20 years. It has grown into a well-known brand that is continuously improved through our extensive breeding. Our various production locations in Kenya and Ethiopia ensure that the delivery is always reliable and we can guarantee the quality that you have come to expect from us.