The journey of a Pelargonium cutting

On the occasion of 20th anniversary of Toscana®, we at Florensis would like to give everyone who is interested in our sector a glimpse of the brand's colourful species and varieties. In co-operation with Perry van der Haak, Florensis has been supplying high-quality Pelargonium cuttings to growers for many years. The cuttings are produced at various production facilities in Africa. From here they are distributed to Perry van der Haak, other rooting stations, or Florensis. In the greenhouse of Van der Haak for example, the cuttings are rooted in 4 to 5 stages before they go to the customer. Unrooted cuttings are delivered directly by Florensis to the growers, who then root the cuttings themselves. The cuttings are then lovingly grown into a fully-fledged flowering plant, ready to be shipped to the retailers. Curious to see how all this looks like in practice? Watch the video below and discover the journey of the Pelargonium cutting in less than 2 minutes!