These are the biggest green trends we will see in 2022

The corona crisis has made us realize more than ever that a nice home is very important now that many of us are still partially working from home. How nice is it if you can go outside in your own garden for lunch or to get some fresh air? Traditional activities as making puzzles with the family but also taking care of the garden have become very popular. Plants become a part of the family. The design of the garden will therefore again be a major topic. These are the most popular green trends of 2022.

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Four trend styles 

The garden industry in the Netherlands identifies four trend styles we will see coming season:

- Fresh start 
This trend is all about sustainability and climate solutions. In short; a fresh new start. Because of the pandemic, we are all more at home which results in emphasis on the furnishing and outdoor spaces. In the garden we will see this trend via a clear layout with lots of white accessories and white flowering plants. Looking to the materials in the garden, we see biodegradable and bio-based material 
as much as possible.

Bright & Breezy 
This trend is just like the name already says; cheerfully and colourful. This means we will see a lot of colourful gardens with colourful borders, accessories and pick-your-own-flowers gardens as the new kitchen gardens with herbs. The colours that are used in this trend are pastel tones such as pink, blue and mint green.  

- Traditional Sentiment  
This style trend is almost the opposite of the others. Where the other trends are focusing on our changed society, this trend is all about nostalgia and traditions. It is therefore not surprising that retro and vintage style flowering plants are a big hit in this trend. How does this result in the garden? By using plants, especially romantic and climbing roses, shrubs, trees and a cosy seating.

- Wellness bubble 
Want to turn your home into a wellness spa resort? Then this is your trend! Soft-coloured stones, transparent materials, exotic flowers and plants, a hot tub in the garden; it all helps us relax. Combine this with pastel neon shades and you've got this trend all the way. 

"This trend is all about nostalgia and traditions mixed with vintage"

Colour of the year  
The number one colour trend next season will of course be Very Peri; the Pantone colour of the year 2022. It is a dynamic blue shade with a vivifying violet red undertone. According to Pantone it is a symbol of the spirit of the times and the transition we are going through. This colour stands for the look of carefree self-assurance and at the same time daring curiosity. This helps us to embrace the new reality and open ourselves up to new ways of working and living.