This is how Toscana® Pelargonium captures your heart

Toscana is not only a region in Italy, but also a lifestyle. It stands for luxury, enjoying life, long traditions, craftsmanship, as well as high-quality products. Especially the last point is inextricably linked to the Toscana Pelargonium series. Toscana has become a real household name in the sector and customers can rest assured that every variety of Pelargonium has been bred with the greatest care. This year we celebrate the 20-year anniversary of Toscana. Read on if you want to know how the brand story came about and what the latest developments within the series are. 

A whole new look and feel
When Florensis and Perry van der Haak acquired Endisch genetics in 2017, it was the right moment to give the Toscana Pelargonium a new look and feel. We chose a new logo, and the catalogue got an updated look. The rebranding included a clearer segmentation of the Pelargonium product range. A clear segmentation and definition of the series would help both our sales teams and customers to find the right product. This is what makes Toscana the number one brand for Pelargonium genetics.

The deep red cover is the first thing you notice about the new catalogue. The idea behind it is that Florensis wanted to create a meaningful concept with a contemporary, minimalistic, and yet warm look. We associated the earthy red tone with terracotta pots, red wine, the colours of some classic Pelargonium varieties and a big bowl of tomato soup.

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La Dolce Vita

The definition of Toscana is gentle, wide landscapes with warm earthy colours, simplicity, and sunlight. The brand really is a lifestyle, representing “La Dolce Vita”, the good life. Florensis wanted to emphasize this Italian way of living, especially what the region of Tuscany is known for.

Flowers are a form of luxury which always makes life better. These are often connected with a rich table, a lush garden party or just a simple romantic dinner for two. The phrase in the beginning of the Toscana catalogue sums it all up: “Toscana is La Dolce Vita” – Men, Women, Love, Food, Wine & Flowers – that’s all you need! Every year our catalogue cover represents one of the elements of this “good life” theme.

Customized branding
All series can be supported by a beautiful Toscana branded pot which is complementary to all colours. A perfect fit! One of the values of Florensis is to be personal. Therefore, all branding can be custom made on request by our growers and customers, weather it is a retail display or a customized label design.

Images true to nature
We offer only high-quality botanical images that are true to nature. Via the Florensis web shop you can access the photo database, where you can choose from a wide variety of images, ranging from pot photos, close-up photos of the finished product, but also inspiration and setting photos of the varieties. The professional photographers that Florensis works with do not only put the characteristics of the product in the best light, but also support the imagination of the end consumer with realistic arrangements.

Pelargonium for Europe
Florensis and Van der Haak are part of the Pelargonium for Europe (PFE) organization, which promotes and secures long-term geranium sales in Europe. For the coming three years the “Summer Heroes” campaign is active with the goal to support retailers with their sales of geraniums. PFE creates a wide range of content, photography, and marketing tools to use free of charge!

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Feel the flair of the moon
One of our latest introductions is the peltatum series Moonflair. A clear night with sparkling stars is the inspiration behind the name of this dark leaved peltatum series. It fits perfectly within Toscana's always innovative product range, as this series is the first on the market. A stunning contrast between the bright, almost neon-like colour and the dark green foliage makes Moonflair extra special. To complete the branding of the series, a special pot has been made that you can order along with all the varieties in the Moonflair series.