Use these tips to always be on time with your orders

At Florensis it is all about earliness. You can see it in the way we process and deliver our products. And of course, in our innovative way of breeding, discovering and selecting our new varieties. There are different ways you can be sure not to miss out on our new potentials. We are happy to explain it to you with these tips. 

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1. Keep in contact
Keep in touch with your Florensis contact person. He or she can keep you informed about all new developments which suit your needs. He or she can tell you everything about which novelties fit best in your programme and will enrich your assortment.

Did you know we test our new potentials in a very early trial phase? Together with our specialists we decide on the best products to put on the market. Your contact person can tell you all about this too.

2. Visit our shows 
To keep in touch with new developments on the market and see our novelties displayed in comparison to other products, you are welcome to visit our shows. It will give you an overview of our product range and in a warm, cozy environment you can also see our products displayed in our latest POS material, which we have created specially to promote your sales. 

3. Create your webshop account
Ordering our products via your personal Florensis webshop account gives you lots of advantages. It gives you access to a complete overview of all your historical and future orders, all your documents (such as invoices order confirmations and transport documents) and access to the most beautiful product photos that you can easily download. Discover it for yourself and create one today! 

4. Order by this schedule
If you don’t want to miss out, be sure to order on time by this schedule:

- Biennials: week 4

- Annuals: week 25

- Perennials: week 25