Your benefit from our sustainable production location

Four years ago, we started with the construction of the production location in Dinteloord (NL). Back then, we already saw the urgent need of investing insustainable greenhouse allowing us to grow our young plants as sustainably as possible. We spoke with Ewout Booij, Location Manager Dinteloord, who tells us exactly what’s so sustainable about Dinteloord 

Can you tell us more about the measures taken to grow more sustainable crops?
One of the measures taken are the 3 climate screens. This allows us to save on energy”, says Ewout. He continues: “Because the three screens open and close independently of each other, we can create optimal conditions for the plants to grow with the least amount of energy.”

What makes the most difference?
On the roof of the premises, we have over 2,500 solar panels that generate a part of our annual electricity consumption. We can say that we are partly energy neutral.” Ewout goes on: “In addition, we have a PAR light sensor in each department to control the light level in each section. We use this to control the plants assimilation as optimally as possible.”

How does this benefit our customers?
“By buying our sustainably produced young plants, they too can contribute to sustainability.”

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Dinteloord is a unique combination of a greenhouse providing around 60,000 m2, in which 15,000 m2 is an open-roof greenhouse (cabrio) and 45,000 m2 is a Venlo greenhouse. The open-roof greenhouse is unique in that it has a column spacing of 5 metres. The greenhouse also has 17 separate compartments for young plant cultivation, each of which is independently equipped to handle the technical aspects of cultivation. Dinteloord has three separate return water flows and four technical installations for irrigating plant material.

This greenhouse allows us to have a premium quality greenhouse equipped with the latest technical innovations in climate control, cultivation technology and energy efficiency.