Florensis Dinteloord initiated

Recently the last phases of the new high-tech production location Dinteloord (NL) were delivered. The new location contains a greenhouse of 60,000 m2, a conditioned processing hall of 5,000 m2 and office spaces. Also the modern processing hall is sustainable thanks to insulation, smart climate control and 1,320 solar panels on the roof. A total of 18 sticking robots, relocated from Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht and expanded with 6 extra robots, are installed in the conditioned hall. For the official kick-off on December 6, the board members rolled up their sleeves and placed the first trays with Calocephalus cuttings in the greenhouse.

A proud Adriaan Vonk, Director Domestic Production: “Florensis grows rapidly in young plant production. That's why we need more square metres of premium quality production space. At this sustainable location, we now have a premium quality greenhouse and processing hall, equipped with the latest innovations in climate control, cultivation technology and energy efficiency. Besides this, the area Nieuw Prinsenland is a horticultural site that makes use of a communal drain water facility, an underground water reservoir and a central gas receiving and electricity station. The coming weeks we will continue to fill the greenhouse, consisting of 15,000 m2 open-roof greenhouse (cabrio) and 45,000 m2 Venlo greenhouse, with trays.”