Where do we stand for?

Our vision: Florensis strives to be the most reliable, innovative and sustainable breeder and propagator, to be connected with.

Our mission: If you want to grow

Our values: In everything we do, we stand for integrity, we act responsibly and we are always personal.

Our approach: To achieve our mission, we focus in our strategy on People, Service, Sustainability, Reliability, and Innovation.

Our culture and values

Each day, we are committed to work, act and communicate according to our values.


We work in our own way and with respect for one another, relying on the integrity of our staff and business partners. This enables us to continue to grow with one another, both for the benefit of our company, our staff and our partners as well as for the wellbeing of the society we live and work in.


Our uncomplicated, respectful and personal way of doing business is one of our hallmarks. Everyone is important, has a voice and makes a contribution. This broadens our support base, gives rise to good ideas and ensures that everyone takes pleasure in going the extra mile. We aim for long-term relationships with each other and, above all, with our customers.


We are aware just how vulnerable the environment we live in is and how important it is to make the sector ever more sustainable. This is a priority for us, and we make our decisions based on our respect for people and the environment. For us, corporate responsibility is therefore a given.

Our approach

We have a friendly, professional and stimulating working environment in which everyone can develop.

Thanks to our customer-focused approach and our web shop, our products are easy to buy.

We follow our hearts and our sustainability policy with objectives to which we are fully committed.

We aim for 99 percent delivery reliability by working smartly and efficiently.

We develop high quality products which we produce using the latest technologies.

Lively and recognizable

Recently our Florensis branding is reflected at our locations in The Netherlands. We expressed our five pillars in photos to make it personal and recognizable. This gives a great decoration and makes what we stand for very tangible. See the results below. Doing this with involvement of our employees emphasises our personal culture. And besides this we are grateful for their willingness and patience to be models. Coming soon, all foreign locations will follow, so wherever you visit us, you will recognise what we stand for.