Lobularia Easy Breezy™ 

  • Medium habit for perfectly balanced mixes
  • Requires less to no PGRs for reduced production costs
  • Easy to ship, with more plants per rack

The name says it all

The brand new Easy Breezy makes the life of growers, retail and consumers easy.

The strongest asset of Lobularia Easy Breezy is for sure the unbeaten heat tolerance. Easy Breezy will last with masses of flowers till the first frost. The plants convince with a round shape, compact habit and they are easy to grow. Less space needed, less growth regulators needed, less worries at the end because the flowers trickle less compared to other Lobularia.


As you can see on this picture you can customize your offer: Lobularia Easy Breezy (bottom) vs. Lobularia Stream (top). Photo: Pack Trials week 18,Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, The Netherlands.

Long lasting crop

Due to its excellent branching and 2 to 3 weeks longer flowering in the heat, Easy Breezy is the only choice in Lobularia. Features a non-split habit late in the production cycle for higher sell-through. Easy Breezy is a very good addition to any pollinator friendly assortment as well.

Picture: Long lasting crop, Still in colour, 14.10.2019, Kevelaer, Germany.

Lobularia Easy Breezy



Lobularia Easy Breezy



Lobularia Easy Breezy




Heaven Scent™ Impr.


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