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Your personal account brings you endless advantages. Of course, you can easily place and modify orders through the webshop and order available products immediately, but that's not all. Your personal account gives you access to a complete overview of all you historical and future orders, all your documents (such as invoices order confirmations and transport documents) and access to the most beautiful product photos that you can easily download. Discover it for yourself! Login or create your personal account today!

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Order your plants easily online!

Check the current prices and availability of the entire assortment wherever and whenever you want. Have you chosen your products? Then ordering these products via the webshop is a piece of cake! Of course, you can adjust your order and add products via the webshop until the moment we start producing your products!

Do you have questions or do you need any help? Your Florensis contact person is there for you!

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Order your ‘directly available products’ via the webshop and be assured of delivery immediately.

With our wide assortment of directly available products, you have an up-to-date overview of the products that can be delivered immediately wheneve and whenever you want! Would you like to order these via the webshop? Then, with a few clicks, you can be sure that these products are yours and you will never miss out again.

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Want to know exactly what was delivered in certain weeks?

Do you want insight into previous seasons or products that will be delivered in short term? Our statistics tool allows you to see exactly what you will receive or have received in which weeks! And that's not all. Using our extensive filters, you can select exactly the products, weeks or order references you want. To make it even easier for you, it is a piece of cake to re-order these products.

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All your documents in one place

Can't find the right document anymore? Fortunately, Florensis has all your documents conveniently arranged in a row in your personal account! Here you can find your invoices, order confirmations and transport documents!

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Free access to the most beautiful product photos via the Florensis photodatabase.

Product photos of the best quality are the key to great Point-of-Sale (POS) material. With your personal Florensis account you have access to more than 25.000 photos that you can use for your promotion material for free.

In the photo database  you will find high-quality product photos, flower close-ups and beautiful setting photos. Looking for something specific? Searching in the photo database is very easy. Based on the product name or code you can find the right product, view previews and download the desired pictures in the right size and resolution in no time. This allows you to create the most beautiful pots, labels, posters or whatever you want for your product in no time. So beautiful that no customer can resist your products.

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Questions about your personal Florensis account?

Your Florensis contact person is always on stand-by to guide you through the webshop and to answer all your questions! Would you like to see how the webshop works and what the benefits could be for you? Request a demo and we would love to show you around and explain everything!

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