Young plants

Successful trough renewal
Florensis has its own tray system. The young plant trays in their distinctive blue colour were developed from the existing hard plastic trays and have great dimensional stability. Therefore, the precision with which each tray fits into the transplanting robot is very high. The trays are moulded using a total of 8 injection sites, which results in a high degree of stability and lifelong strategic fit. The trays are made according to the tried and tested Danish standard and have especially rounded feet that allow ease of movement both in a longitudinal as well as a transverse direction. Furthermore, the plants are easy to take out, even when processed manually.

Useful solutions
The Florensis tray in its different young plant sizes offers feasible solutions for all sorts of applications. The total of five tray sizes comprises the following trays for young plants: 510, 288, 180, 128 and 84. For seed propagated young plants, the ideal trays to be used for efficient and high quality horticultural production are 510 and 288.

Several product sizes were developed in collaboration with the horticultural practice. In the production of perennial seedling for example, sowing the seeds for young plants widely across the surface of the cells in tray 84 helps save cultivation time and reduces the number of times one needs to transplant.

The same goes for annual cuttings, as well as perennial cuttings for which the trays 180, 128 and 84, depending on the requirement for each variety, provide ample volume for the supply of strong, well-rooted starting material.

Environmental awareness by using reusable trays
The trays will remain the property of Florensis and are taken back as soon as possible. Every young plant tray has a fixed two-dimensional code, which is together with a label, molded into the tray. Using a connection with a modern ERP system, this code enables the exact tracing of a tray at any given time.

MixMasters® trio-plug 
For our MixMasters assortment Florensis developed the special trio-plug. This mixed plug consists of three cuttings, combined in one healthy paper plug. Potting of the trio-plug is simple and you easily get a young plant with three different colours.