Image request


If you need images for advertising purposes such as a beautiful folder or labels, Florensis will be pleased to make professional photographic material available. We will supply these at no charge provided that you also purchase the products from us for which you want to receive the photographs. After all, this is a way of ensuring that both you and we know that the plant and its picture are of the very highest quality.


Your request

Requesting images is simple. Complete the form below as completely as possible. We can then process your request quickly. You can order a maximum of ten photographs.


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  • Maximum file size that you can receive in a single e-mail:
  • High or low-resolution images:
  • Type of image (close-up, pot or inspirational*):
  • Purpose of use of photograph (e.g. folder, label, website):


* If this particular type of image is not available, we will send you the best possible alternative.


Please send your request to: Florensis Photo Service


Florensis has and will continue to retain the copyright for the photographs. This means you may use them only for the purpose you indicated. If you want to use the images for other purposes, you will have to put in a request for permission to Florensis.