Our vision:

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Who is Florensis

Florensis is a leading family business in the international ornamental horticulture sector, founded in 1941 under the name Hamer Bloemzaden. We have production and breeding locations in the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Kenya and Ethiopia. With more than 2,500 employees, we annually supply a product range of 4,000 plant varieties to 8,000 professional growers in 50 countries.
Corporate social responsibility comes as natural to us as offering the best quality with the highest supply reliability.

Our vision: Florensis strives to be the most reliable, innovative and sustainable breeder and propagator, to be connected with. 


Our values:

In everything we do, we stand for integrity, we act responsibly and we are always personal.


We work in our own way and with respect for one another, relying on the integrity of our staff and business partners.


Our uncomplicated, respectful and personal way of doing business is one of our hallmarks. Everyone is important, has a voice and makes a contribution.


We are aware just how vulnerable the environment we live in is and how important it is to make the sector ever more sustainable.


Our approach:

To achieve our mission, we focus in our strategy on People, Service, Sustainability, Reliability, and Innovation.


Thanks to our customer-focused approach and our webshop, our products are easy to buy.

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We have a friendly, professional and stimulating working environment in which everyone can develop.

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We follow our hearts and our sustainability policy with objectives to which we are fully committed.

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We develop high quality products which we produce using the latest technologies.

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We aim for 99 percent delivery reliability by working smartly and efficiently.

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Florensis supplies young plants through sales offices and agents all over the world. The cuttings and young plants are produced at our facilities in Ethiopia, Kenya, Portugal and the Netherlands.


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