Begonia boliviensis

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Begonia Squad Table overview: Baskets and large containers Growth power and unbelievable performance for every garden, patio or hanging basket. End consumers will be amazed; the trade and retail will have something special next to the mass products. Pots Special and outstanding varieties for large scale productions and actions. Comfortable to produce, excellent shop presentation and flower power till frost. Packs and small pots The absolute standard in the market. Your first choice for every market requirement. General Begonia Squad #squadgoals. Our Begonia Squad finally gives you a way to position an undervalued product group in the right way. Begonia Squad is the answer for young new consumers! Unbelievable performance, easy care, continuous flower power and guaranteed success for every end consumer. Show millenials why the Begonia Squad deserves to be featured on their Instagram.

Begonia boliviensis

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