Calibrachoa Conga™ 

  • Very early flowering
  • Almost no PGRs needed
  • Superior shelf life


The early and sustainable standard

Within Calibrachoa we offer the attractive Conga series. This series is very compact and needs almost no PGRs at all. Conga is the ideal Calibrachoa for environment-friendly production. It needs some extra temperature at the start of production for the best result.

Colours are very unique and attractive. Besides the important standard colours necessary in each assortment, the bright red eyes of the Kiss colours take all the attention.

Excellent pH tolerance and profuse flowering give Conga superior hold at retail.

Conga Light Pink Star

Our novelty colour for the new season Conga Light Pink Star is adding even more quality. It’s the most early and free flowering variety of the series.

Conga Light Pink Star is a real eye-catcher as you can see on this picture from Packtrials week 18, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, The Netherlands

Conga™ MixMasters®

Beautiful eye-catchers that sell themselves. Also from Conga we have selected a number of well-balanced mixes. The uniform, compact plant habit and the early flowering time are ideal for stunning Conga mixes. Good choice for sustainable convenience solutions in pots or baskets.

To make your life easier we offer you a 84-plug with three cuttings which are ready to pot and can produce a flowering pot within 8-10 weeks. Along with a decrease in labour time, you also save on royalties. For each Calibrachoa trio mix, rooted or unrooted, you only pay two licences.

The sustainable convenience solution.

    • Matching colours fitting in flower time and plant habit
    • Attractive bright coloured mixes for consumer and retail!
    • Royalty saving
    • Produced with the biodegradable Growcoon






Flamingo Kiss




Light Pink Star


Orange Kiss


Peach Kiss


Rose Kiss





Conga™ MixMasters®

Dancing Eyes

Conga™ MixMasters®

Dancing Flames

Conga™ MixMasters®

Dancing Queens

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