Fish and clean drinking water

Reverse osmosis system

Clean and safe drinking water is important for everyone. Because of the high fluoride concentration in the spring water, clean drinking water was a big problem for our Kenyan production location in Naivasha. With that in mind Florensis implemented a few years ago a reverse osmosis system that clears drinking water for all employees and family members.

Fish farming

However, for every five litres of purified water the system consumes around four litres of water. Instead of pumping all of this water back into the wetlands, the waste water is used to fill up giant tanks for fish farming. The fish, normally eaten only at special occasions, is distributed amongst our employees every month. We already produced more than 7500 kg fish. Thanks to these projects the number of cases of contagious diseases at the farm decreased by 50%!

The Plantum CSR Incentive Award

 With our fish and clean drinking water project we received in 2017 the Plantum CSR Incentive Award.





Fish tank


Catching fish

Sustainable development goals

With this project we contribute to SDG goal 6 ‘Clean water and sanitation’ and goal 12 ‘Responsible consumption and production’, two of the six Sustainable Development Goals that we selected to focus on in our sustainability policy.


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