Thinking and acting sustainably

As in other sectors, growing responsibly is becoming increasingly important in ornamental horticulture as well. Prominent themes are the use of crop protectants, growth regulators, water, energy and working conditions. Although we didn’t call it that at the time, thinking and acting sustainably has been our guiding principle ever since the company was founded in 1941.



Regina Dinkla (Manager Sustainability & Corporate Communications): “As Florensis, we greatly value responsible business operations with consideration for people and the environment, and we see this as a prerequisite for growth. We collaborate with other parties in the area of sustainability, given that it is the ultimate goal of everyone in the supply chain.”

Sustainability goals

To become more sustainable, our practical approach is based on contributing to six United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
We have also formulated two concrete sustainability goals for 2025: (further) reducing the use of chemical crop protectants by 30 percent and reducing CO2 emissions.



We are deeply engaged in our local communities. In and around our propagation locations in Africa we have introduced improvements in health, welfare and education for local communities. The initiatives vary from building schools to vaccination programmes and the provision of clean drinking water facilities.

Fish and clean drinking water

Clean and safe drinking water is important for everyone. Because of the high fluoride concentration in the spring water…

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Herman Hamer OVC Center

Florensis has two production companies in the horticultural site near Koka, 95 km south of Addis Ababa…

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Drinking water for Shulki Village

Right next to Florensis Ethiopia in Koka lies the village Shulki, which consists of around 60 families…

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Smiles for Change

Since our establishment in 1999, Florensis Kenya has been keen on collaborating with other businesses and local institutions to promote good practices…

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Restoration Riparian Land

Florensis Kenya is located on the shores of the beautiful and ecologically Lake Naivasha…

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Sustainable water management

Our production location in Koka, Ethiopia has invested heavily in a number of water management solutions...

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Happy new mothers

In Kenya it is not common for most new mothers to pump with a breast pump...

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Integrated Pest Management

In our IPM program at Florensis Ethiopia we use beneficial insects...

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Our wetlands in full production

Since more than two years now we are operating our constructed wetland at Florensis Abyssinia in Ejersa...

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Florensis day-care and education

Among the steps taken to create a conducive environment for our employees at Florensis Kenya, is the running of a day-care...

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Jogo Forest and coffee house

Already before carbon emission became such a big thing, Florensis started around 2011 the Jogo rehabilitation...

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Supporting Animal Rights

Animal Rights Reserved (ARR) charity is a family endeavour born in 2010 founded by Margaret Zak...

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Environmental certification
All our production locations are certified according to the internationally recognised MPS-ABC program in flower and plant production, in which we strive for the (higher) MPS-A qualification. This Milieu Programma Sierteelt covers the aspects of crop protectants, fertilisers, energy, water and waste. Neonicotinoids are banned from our production locations; instead, we use biological crop protection.

Social certification
Our propagation locations in Ethiopia and Kenya are MPS Socially Qualified (SQ), KFC (Kenya Flower Council) Silver or EPHEA Gold certified. These certifications indicate that our cuttings are produced under good working conditions.