Constantly innovating

We want to excel in everything we do. That requires us to have the courage to invest today in the innovations of tomorrow. And the ability to push the boundaries and outline new perspectives. Our innovations target every step in the production chain, from breeding to propagation, production of young plants and distribution. One example is our investment in cutting-sticking robots. With their Artificial Intelligence (AI) software, these robots achieve a highly consistent product quality and provide extra capacity 24/7.

Green future

There is still a great deal of potential in improving plant varieties and making processes more efficient as well as in the use of new technologies, digitalisation, robotisation and partnerships. We are convinced that we can shape our future with creativity and innovation. And that that future will be green. Because sustainability is a major catalyst of innovation. As in other sectors, there is increasing social pressure on the ornamental horticulture sector to become more sustainable.


William Barbier (Head of Research & Development):"Our R&D department specialises in innovation and conducting research into improving plant resilience and making our processes even more sustainable."

Sticking robots

As Florensis, we are the only company in the bedding plant segment in Europe that works with sticking robots on a large scale, and we are proud of that. It all started with five robots. Now, our 30 robots together stick 75,000 cuttings per hour, 24/7. Partly thanks to the sticking robots, our delivery reliability increased.
The sticking robots work extremely fast besides that they are very efficient and bring our young plants quality to a higher level as well. Each cutting is stuck at the same depth in the tray, which results in perfectly uniform young plants. Thanks to the self-learning and artificial intelligence software of these robots, the quality of the sticking is constantly improving and the robots can be used for more and more different crops


We breed new plant varieties and are international market leaders in breeding annuals, perennials and primroses. In our breeding activities we also work with international partners, including in a highly successful collaboration with the American family business Ball, the world’s largest breeding company in the ornamental horticulture sector. We have also set up a strategic partnership in the field of R&D and breeding with three other (non-competitive) breeders under the name GenNovation.