Create the best Summer of your life with Mandevilla

As Florensis we are always on the lookout for improvement and innovation. Climate change is forcing us to develop new gardening protocols. Because of this, it is important to select the right products which fit both warm and cool conditions. With our new segmentation, the Mandevilla range from Florensis offers alternatives for ornamental products that thrive perfectly in hot summers but in cool conditions as well. In this article we will show you exactly what our Mandevilla range is all about.

We invite you to discover our new segmentation for Mandevilla with a vast product range. Next to our successful Sundaville® we now also introduce Diamantina®. With the leading genetics of these two successful series you are able to meet the highest quality requirements of your customers. Mandevilla Diamantina and Sundaville are among the most resistant ornamental species in different climate zones. The continuous flowering does not stop. Even during the hottest summer days when reasonable watering is sufficient to maintain the plants in their best conditionIn our branding we have therefore chosen for the look and feel of the best summer of your life. For Diamantina this resulted in a tropical summer look with swimming pool vibes and lots of pink. 

"With Sundaville and Diamantina you are able to meet the highest quality requirements of your customers"

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Within the new Diamantina series, we offer you the Agate XXL series with extreme big flowers and the most vigorous in our assortment. But that is not all. In the Opal series we offer the first real yellow Mandeville 'Citrine'. In the Topaz series you can find the best white variety for hanging baskets: Topaz White. And our Jade series is the first real compact series in the market.

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