Why certifications and CO2 calculations can benefit you

As a customer, you want to know where your plants come from and how they are grown. Hans Goudswaard, responsible for Quality Assurance, considers transparency very important. He ensures that all our certifications are in order and published on the Florensis website.

These include MPS-ABC, Naktuinbouw, USDA, KFC, EHPEA, MPS-SQ and GLOBAL GAP. On our website, you can see that we are now MPS-ABC certified with an A qualification for all our production locations, including those in Africa. Our ranking is even available here.

Certifications are of great importance to us as a company, but also to you as a customer. They provide you with confirmation that we produce sustainably and follow guidelines and regulations, including the use of chemical products. Ronald Geverinck can tell you more about reducing the use of chemical products.

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Starting as Environmental Project Horticulture, MPS now stands for More Profitable Sustainability. It is a good example of a certification that focuses on sustainability in the horticultural sector. The initiative came from the sector itself and aims to work arguably greener. Standards are set per product category, such as what is acceptable to use per hectare of fertilizer, energy, water, and chemicals. By comparing with similar companies, we can learn from each other and further improve our operations. Achieving a high score in MPS demonstrates that Florensis is committed to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices.

CO2 calculator

Reducing our carbon footprint is an important aspect of sustainability. Therefore, at Florensis, we use a CO2 calculator to calculate and reduce our carbon emissions. This gives us insight into where we can make improvements to make our company even more sustainable. Read more about this in our sustainability report.

What is the importance for retail?

Retail is a major customer of the horticultural sector and has the largest exposure. A bad reputation can therefore have significant consequences. Certification ensures that everything is in order and that products are sustainably produced. When retailers check our website, they can immediately see where our products come from and that they are sustainably produced.

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Future dream

Hans Goudswaard's dream is to become even more transparent by measuring more and more. Europe already requires us to map all our energy consumption. This includes not only heating costs and electricity, but also commuter traffic and transport of plants. Ultimately, we want to arrive at the footprint per product, the CO2 per species. Retail can play an important role here by focusing on "greener" plants that can be grown with less CO2. If the younger generation is no longer willing to buy a plant that is associated with a lot of CO2, this will have an impact on the entire chain.

Sustainability will only become more important. Therefore, Florensis wants to continue investing in sustainable technologies and maintain a leading role in realizing a more sustainable future for all of us.

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