These Retail Solutions will help you take the next step in a sustainable assortment.

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As growers and retailers, your want to offer customers gardening solutions that are both convenient and ecologically conscious. The challenges of climate change are no longer abstract – they're evident in our gardens, where extreme temperatures and prolonged drought are becoming the norm. 

To meet these challenges we have carefully developed concepts with products that are not only adapted to thrive in hot summers with minimal water needs, but also play a vital role in stimulating an environment that welcomes and feeds insects.

Prefer an overview of all our Retail Solutions at a glance?

All our Retail Solutions in one brochure!

Prefer an overview of all our Retail Solutions at a glance? No problem, we have grouped them all in one Retail Brochure to get an even better overview. In this brochure you can switch easily to the Solutions pages with our QR codes. 

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Our winning scouting team

Choosing Florensis as your partner ensures that you are on the winning team, because caring for our planet is in our DNA. That’s why we invest in our people in Africa by supporting them in schooling, housing and medical care. But also by teaching them how to reduce the use of PGRs. This includes working with high hygienical standards and replacing the use of chemicals with steaming. We make sure we have all the required MPS certifications and score even higher thanks to our scouting teams working with Integrated Pest Management.

Discover the story of our winning scouting team's daily efforts to improve plant health to keep the use of PGRs to an absolute minimum.

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