Discover the story behind the names of Toscana®

This article is for all romantics within Florensis and beyond. Toscana is a region in Italy that captures our imagination and reminds us of the Italian way of life: La Dolce Vita.

Family life and passion are associated with La Dolce Vita. The passion we have for breeding Toscana and the love for flowers and people go back to the moment Silze started growing her first Geraniums, more than 20 years ago. As an ode to love and family traditions, Silze named varieties after his loved ones: his wife, daughter, grandchildren and later his colleagues.

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Florensis is a family business that invests in people. We want to serve both our customers and our own employees. By giving the Toscana varieties names that correspond to employees who are passionate about Toscana, we express the bond we have with both the varieties and the people who work with them. This is why there is a story behind every Toscana variety name. This varies from Mia daughter of our General Manager in Kenya, Tessa our Florensis Trial Coordinator, Claire of our partner Voltz, Mylena daughter of our Toscana breeder Fabienne Monté to Senna daughter of our CEO Leo Hoogendoorn. Whereas Silze also used boys' names, we at Florensis have chosen to use only girls' names, preferably with an Italian sound, as this gives a more romantic feel.

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In this way we can pass on our passion for Toscana to future generations and ensure that we can continue our efforts to improve and expand our Toscana varieties.

A true love story is that one of our breeders, Rik Loonen, surprised his wife-to-be with a bridal bouquet with our Toscana Lona in it, specially named after her. How romantic is that!