Florensis greenhouses in the colour of the year

Lighting is one of the most important aspects in the horticultural sector. Do you know that one of the colours of lighting system we use in our greenhouses just turned into colour of the year; Very Peri? As a result, our greenhouses are up to date with the trend colour, all year long! In addition, the usage of coloured lights in our greenhouses has several advantages for the plants, for us and certainly for you as our customer!

How we use the colours   
At all our locations we implement technical innovationsOur LED systems in the greenhouses are one of these innovations. These LED lights can be adjusted per colour (blue, green and red) and are designed to set the exact amount of light and the specific light colour to stimulate the plant growth.  

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Colour per plant phase  
For each plant phase another type of light is used, so directly after sowing or when plants are more mature and begin to flower. 

One colour has a positive effect on quicker germination, whereas another colour can enhance the colour, taste, and aroma of plants. Other effects can result into a greener plant colour or into the improvement of the own food system of the plants.

We use red light to speed up the phytochrome conversion, so that the plant needs less time to go into night mode. This allows the plant to produce a greater yield.  Also combined colours can have an effect during cultivation time and much exposure can then, for example, result in strong, healthy stems and leaves. The colour combination of red and blue light is important. The mix of these two colours in the greenhouse gives violet light, as in the Very Peri colourWe use this a lot and it has a positive effect on the compactness of the plants.

There are a lot of colour effects possible which makes it more diverse to be used in any phase of the plant. In general the development of colour usage in cultivation still is in its infancy and there’s a lot of research on the effects of colour spectrum. As Florensis we focus on innovation and therefore we also want to finance these researches done by the Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and have a strong partnership with them. 

"When the plants are mature and begin to flower, a combination of red and blue light is important"

The many advantages   
The use of light in the greenhouse therefore has a huge influence on our young plants. It makes the production quicker, makes the plants stronger and more beautiful and gives them a better quality. This all will contribute to a high delivery reliability to our customers.   

In addition, another advantage of using LED systems is that you save a lot of energy, as these lamps have shorter power-on times. As a result, starting up costs less power, which is more sustainable. So, a real win-win situation!