Meet our winning scouts-team!

At Florensis we intrinsically believe in the power of IPM (Integrated Pest Management). We use a wide variety of natural predators and products to battle invasive pests and diseases. And we choose to keep the use of chemical products to an absolute minimum.

As a result, all our farms are certified according to the MPS-ABC program in flower and plant production and score A+ on our farms. MPS also allows us to gain easy insight in our current situation regarding our crop protection program. It helps to spot where improvements have been (or could still be) made,
and which choices will have the most environmental impact. It also gives us clear insight and awareness in the impact of the available different products, which helps us to make the best choice.

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Crucial to an effective IPM strategy, is to have a strong scouting team. We believe that we have some of the best scouts out there.
But they do not work at night, whilst that is when moths are most active.

This is why we recently added PATS-C to our scouting team.
PATS-C is an automated scanner that monitors airborne insects, even at night.
It allows us to detect pests far earlier and easier and react faster and more adequate to first pest pressure. 


Meet just here below our team of scouts, with Jesca being our R&D Officer.
From left to right: Catherine Marofu, Naomi Wambui, Stella Munoko, Beatrice Epuu
and Jesca Moraa.

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Some might call this High-tech IPM, we just call it a winning team!