Our highlights in the colour of the year 2022

Today, Pantone has declared Very Peri as the colour of the year 2022. Next season, we will see a lot of this colour in fashion, interiors and, of course, in the horticultural industry. In short; do not miss this colour in your assortment coming season! In need of some inspiration? As Florensis we offer a very diverse and colourful assortment. Of course, the colour Very Peri is not lacking in our product range. To make it even easier for you, we already made a selection of our favourites.

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Salvia Mysty

Are you looking for the perfect Salvia for planning your bedding plant? You can stop your search, it’s already available : Salvia Mysty is only for two years on the market and it is already considered to be classic. With its large intense too blue to be true flower spikes Salvia Mysty is a perfect buddy for pollinators. Its heat tolerance gives pollinators a better chance to get through the summer in gardens all over Europe.

The perfect partner for mix combos
Mysty grows early, naturally compact and uniform which makes it a high value product in smaller pot sizes and makes it suitable for more pots per m2. The growth character of Mysty also gives you a special element in creative new mix combinations. Many Salvias have the disadvantage to be either to vigorous our to be too compact in mixed planting. This issue is solved with Salvia Mysty. It’s the perfect partner for mix combos. It is not overgrowing the other components, nor is it vanishing. Salvia Mysty won the IPM 2018 novelty price for bedding and balcony plants and is awarded as the bedding and balcony plant of the year in several federal states of Austria and Germany.

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Geranium Bloom Me Away®

The next generation Geranium! Geranium Bloom Me Away is a great product for both impulse sales and landscaping use. Faster than comparable varieties, it starts flowering in spring after a short production time and it presents loads of attractive blue flowers till the frost comes. The outstanding early flowering and compact habit makes Bloom Me Away excellent for impulse-production in pots and containers. The perfect ground covering properties combined with prolific flowering and long-lasting flowers makes Bloom Me Away a perfect fit for landscaping as well. Early & good pot filling!

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Lavandula Essence Purple

You will love Essence because it’s the most winter hardy, easy growing variety on the market. Suitable for 13-19 cm pots. Next to its great branching, Essence gives a lot of dark purple flowers. For biennial cultivation it is the earliest flowering Lavandula on the market! Year-round offered in a pinched 180-plug. Switch to a Jumbo plug to make a quick start for first flowering weeks. If potted in week 6-8 they flower 10-12 weeks later. This product saves you time and risks.


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Lobularia Easy Breezy™

The name says it all. The brand new Easy Breezy makes the life of growers, retail and consumers easy. The strongest asset of Lobularia Easy Breezy is for sure the unbeaten heat tolerance. Easy Breezy will last with masses of flowers till the first frost. The plants convince with a round shape, compact habit and they are easy to grow. Less space needed, less growth regulators needed, less worries at the end because the flowers trickle less compared to other Lobularia.

Long lasting crop
Due to its excellent branching and 2 to 3 weeks longer flowering period in the heat, Easy Breezy is the only choice in Lobularia. Features a non-split habit late in the production cycle for higher sell-through. Easy Breezy is a very good addition to any pollinator-friendly assortment as well.

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Veronica Anniversary

Long lasting season extender! This compact growing series from the Florensis breeding station in Quedlinburg (GE) is a true all-rounder. It's suitable for annual and biennial cultivation, ideal for 13 cm to 3 liter containers, combined with healthy, shiny foliage and a flowering period until the first frost. Start your season with one of our Salvia nemorosa series and extend your sales with Veronica Anniversary!

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Osteospermum Astra®

This easy growing Osteospermum does not need extreme PGRs. They can be grown without pinching, are early flowering and easy to grow together with other bedding plants. Can be grown in pots or packs. We offer a wide range of colours, which are well-branched and bloom with a mass of small colourful flowers. The Astra series is selected on garden performance. A Florensis exclusive.

- Broad range of striking colours
- Fastest series on the market
- Open flowers under dark and cloudy conditions; better store presentation
- Better appearance and shelf life due to more flower petals
- Promotes impulse sales

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Sutera MegaCopa™

MegaCopa has the largest flower size in the industry. Its showy blooms cover the plants and will drive impulse sales at retail. Save labour, ship faster and get less comments from the point of sales because it takes less effort to clean out the old flowers.

The fast shipping Bacopa
Megacopa™ is notable for its well-branched habits, large flowers and improved heat performance. The controlled habit is grower-friendly and is offering a better center fill than other Bacopas.

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Calibrachoa Cabaret® Early

The young talents of Calibrachoa Cabaret are back and better than ever! Behind the scenes they have been trained and prepared to master the art of earliness, strong colours and good genetics in a sustainable way. They are ready to perform for you. Lights, camera, action! The bright colours of Cabaret have returned in genetics you have never seen before. This new generation is 7 to 10 days earlier and has a more compact habit for more plants per m2. Cabaret Early comes in brighter colours and bigger flowers.