These solutions will help you through the winter

With the rise in current energy prices in Europe, heating the greenhouse during the cold winter months may no longer be so obvious for you as a grower. Fortunately, with the right products in your greenhouse, you can save a lot on energy bills. In this article, we give you some tips for sustainable and energy-efficient cultivation. 

Florensis has a lot of experience with products; Osteospermum dalinaPetunia GO!TuniaVerbena Venturi, Verbena Firehouse, Lobularia EasyBreezy, Pelargonium Toscana, pelargonium Moonflair, suitable for cold cultivation. That’s why we have a lot of products that allow you to start earlier in the period when your greenhouse is normally empty. One advantage of this, is that plants you will start to cultivate earlier require less heat, as they are given time to grow more slowly. So you keep energy costs down.

An additional advantage is that in this way the plant can be grown more naturally, without PGRs and also becomes more resistant to diseases and pests. So, this means a more sustainable crop with less energy and fewer harmful crop protectants. And we all want that, don't we?

Do you find it complicated to figure this all out? Then contact your representative. He or she can use his/her experience and knowledge to put together a nice customized range for you.

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Tips for sustainable and energy-efficient cultivation by Dirk Jan Breugem, Head of Cultivation

1. Conscious heating: turn down the heating by 1 degree and let the greenhouse warm up a bit slower. Do this consistently so the plants can get used to it.

2. Start earlier in the season and grow more slowly.

3. When you need to slow the process, water less. That way the plants will grow less quickly.