Who handles your tray?

When you are a Florensis customer then you surely know them; our well-known blue Florensis trays. For you it is therefore a matter of fact that every order you place is delivered in our tray. Although we have been doing this for years, our employees of the Distribution department work hard every day, to deliver the trays with your orders on time. Time is an important aspect here, because how early do we need to deliver to get your tray on time and who handles the trays before they arrive at your greenhouse? We gladly introduce you to the life of our tray from the early stage to delivery. 

Since 2010 Denny Hilgers has been working at our Distribution Department as a Distribution Assistant at our location in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht (NL). Being one of the first persons who handles your tray, he walks us through the process.

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05:00 AM: Arrival at Florensis and sorting
On a daily basis empty trays are collected from our customers and they are professionally cleaned in the washing line. B They are then transported to the Sticking or Sowing department where they are filled with your order. In the meantime, my alarm goes off, since I have to be on the location at 6 AM. When full-grown trays arrive at my department for distribution, they first pass through the handling installation. The trays are then automatically sorted by customer level, so we know exactly which tray needs to be delivered to which customer. Via the automatized conveyer belt, they are then manually unloaded onto the correct CC-trolley. Around this time of the year, this takes place the evening and night before the delivery day.

“The trays are then automatically sorted by customer level, so we know exactly which tray needs to be delivered to which customer” - Denny Hilgers, Distribution Assistant

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06:00 AM: Check, check and double check
At 06.00 we start with the exit check. We send all the CC-trolleys through the scan gates to check whether the right trays are on the right trolleys. Once that is done, all trolleys go to the docks, where I make sure that the right trolleys are loaded into the right trucks. When a truck driver has finished loading, I give him a CMR (consignment note) and a box-office receipt with the number of CC-trolleys, plates and attachments he has loaded.

10:00 AM: En route to the customer
If the driver has checked and signed it, he can take our product to you, the customer! By the time the trays are on their way to you, they have passed through at least 2 to 4 hands. And this is only in the Distribution department. So, a lot of people contribute to getting the orders to our customers on time.

We strive to get the plants to the customer in the best condition, of course. We do this by means of lead times. This means that the trays cannot stay too long at our Distribution department and leave as quickly as possible for transport to your location.

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11:00 AM: Arriving at our customer
Exactly on time, the order of our customer Kwekerij Prinsenbeek arrives on location. Today, our Junior Sales Representative helps with potting the plants himself. He already has built up a good relationship with the customer, since they have been working together on introducing new products on the market