Thinking and acting sustainably: Report 2021

To become the most reliable, innovative ánd sustainable breeder and propagator, we have defined two challenging sustainability goals for 2025 andwe focus on contributing to six selected Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). We work hard on these goalsIn this blog we want to share our actions with you. 

Reduction of our CO2 emissions

Florensis Manager Sustainability and Corporate Communications Regina Dinkla started with this project end 2019. “In order to reduce our CO2 emissions, we first needed a starting point and calculate our environmental impact and carbon footprint. To do this we found the online monitoring tool called EnviroMeter, including an integrated carbon meter. With our 7 international production locations we filled the tool with our 2019 data as starting year and in the meantime we have almost finished 2021. With those 3 years on a row, our environmental impact is made clear in graphs and key indicators. This shows which topics have most impact but also makes us very aware of things we haven’t thought about and can be easy to improve. At the same time, we can see the first effects of the sustainability measures we already did.”

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Sustainability plans per location

With the EnviroMeter results from 2019 and 2020, calculated per location, each Florensis production location has made their own local sustainability plan for the coming years. In our Sustainability report 2021 you can read about the taken measures so far. From implementing our well-known reusable blue Florensis trays in Kenya, installing a new electric power setup in Ethiopia to reduce generator hours and fuel consumption, to investing in 100% LED assimilation lights in The Netherlands.

Some projects are in progress like a new tray washing line, recirculating 75% of the water use. Also, the first good testing results of indoor farming (cultivation without day-light) have been positive and can have a big impact.



Reduction of chemical crop protectants use by 30%

Our production has been sustainable for many years and all our production locations are MPS-A certified. We do this so that we can produce the best quality of young plants, with respect for people and environment, while we can also supply environmentally friendly products to our customers and the market.

For the period 2015-2019 our goal was to reduce our use of environmentally harmful crop protection agents by 50%. Our staff efforts, investment in improvements and applying innovations led to a reduction of 75% by the end of 2019. We were proud of this result, but we are also aware that we can do even better.

This led to the current challenging objective for 2025: a further reduction by 30%. Our involved colleagues work hard on this by constantly sharing the new methods and information from our experts among the locations. The result so far is a reduction of
-19%, compared to -3% in 2020.

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Corporate Social Responsibility projects

From the other part of sustainability, our social commitment, we want to contribute to the community around our international locations. We do this via sponsoring but also by supporting projects in Africa.

We hope we can inspire you with our actions and if you want to know more or have ideas for other improvements, do reach out!