Order the novelties of tomorrow

Every year, we present an exclusive range of novelties and innovative concepts, allowing you to offer products according to the latest market trends. In this article, we have listed our latest novelties, which are definitely not to be missed. 

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Petunia Bee's Knees; proven to be the best yellow Petunia

Petunia Bee's Knees brings a new standard yellow to the market. Besides the most beautiful yellow, Bee's Knees has a proven good rain tolerance and garden performance. Not surprisingly, Bee's Knees is the FleuroStar Award winner from 2022 - 2023.  

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Gaillardia Guapa; the start of a success 

This new exclusive series from Florensis is beyond stunning. It is Guapa (Spanish for beautiful)! Have you ever seen something so beautiful that you couldn't help but stop and stare? That's exactly the effect Gaillardia Guapa creates through their unique and enchanting colours.  

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Take-off with the new Aster Alpha® 

Ready to take-off? Alpha is Florensis' newly launched Aster series that everyone has been waiting for. Alpha is our own breeding and offers benefits mainly for you as a grower, but certainly also for the consumer.