Succeed with these consumer Solutions

As Florensis, we understand the value for growers to be able to offer solutions to their customers. This is why we offer ready-made Retail Solutions in line with the latest trends and developments within our industry. With our wide range, we offer the grower endless inspiration to create successful consumer solutions. In the coming 3 minutes, you will read everything about our latest Retail Solutions. 

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The Bee Drive-In 

Based on the consumer trend of giving a helping hand to nature within the petrification of cities and gardens, The Bee Drive-In offers bee-friendly products that match perfectly. Besides being good for bees, the products in this solution also offer consumers many convenience benefits. It consists of 7 mixes for minimum 19 cm bowls or containers.

Problem-solving range
Besides being the perfect take-away items, the mixes are also ideal as popular gift items. Thanks to the trio combinations, consumers do not have to make their own compositions and there is always something in bloom. The products are also ideal for the balcony table, making this solution very suitable for the consumer without a gardenThe food drive-in is open 24 hours a day for the bees on your balcony!

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The New Blues

For most consumers, Perovskia is a relatively unknown product. Nevertheless, this perennial plant offers many possibilities. The New Blues therefore combines Perovskia Bluesette with other blue season extenders.

Infinite benefits
This new concept was specially developed for traditional perennial varieties, such as Geranium Bloom Me Away, Veronica Anniversary Blue and Salvia Mirage™ Blue, for the visually attractive market, making it an impulse item. With different pot sizes, this solution enables cross-selling with different selling prices. Such trolley combinations are possible for the first time ever because of the unique compact growth of Perovskia Bluesette.

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Hot Spot®  

As the name suggests, the Hot Spot Retail concept offers the solution for sunny gardens with low-maintenance crops that have a long flowering performance. With summers getting hotter every year, this solution is more relevant than ever!

The plants in this concept are attractive, heat-tolerant crops. In addition, the plants are suitable for various uses. For instance, it can be used in flower beds, window boxes and baskets.

Hot Spot trio-mixes
As a convenience solution for consumers, Hot Spot is also available in ready-to-use mixes. This results not only in more choice for consumers, but also an improvement in the product range and more colour in the sales presentation.

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