The 4 important trends for happy customers

By putting together an assortment based on trends, you are always one step ahead of consumer needs. But which products fit which trends and what should you look out for? The horticultural trends of 2023 are translated into these 4 style trends. 

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Ode to Nature

The style, Ode to Nature, focuses on climate and sustainability. The current climate crisis results in more affinity with nature and a need to do something about climate change. We see this reflected in and around the home. Nature almost seems to invade the interior, and, in the gardens, many different bee-friendly plants and flowers are used. The dominant colour within this style is green. Green is the colour of the future and is used in a natural and balanced way. There is also a lot of attention to browns and greens.

Matching products to this style: 

Achillea Milly Rock

- Coleus Flame Thrower

- Salvia Mysty

- Thunbergia (Vertical MixMasters)


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Vintage Folklore

Because of the tough society, we need consistency and harmony. Vintage Folklore therefore stands for attention to diversity and for products with a longer lifespan. Not throwing away but repairing and refurbishing. Within this style, bright colours take a center stage. Bright orange and pink will dominate. The influences are based on the 70s, where creativity, bright colours and flowers come together.

Matching products to this style:

Echinacea Sombrero® Orange & Rose

Gaillardia Guapa


“A trend is a direction of change in values and needs, which is driven by forces and manifests itself already in various ways within certain groups in society.” – Els Dragt – author of How To Research Trends

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Layered Spaces

Because we need to be increasingly smart with the limited space we have, this style focuses on layering and multifunctionality. In this way, existing spaces are used to their full potential. Plants on roof terraces and on roofs of houses, barns and verandas are seen in this style. The colours associated with this style contrast; cold and warm, light and dark and bright with pastel. 

Matching products to this style: 

- Sedum 

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Collecting Memories

A home in which we find the peace to cherish good memories is becoming increasingly important in this changing world. Therefore, Collecting Memories is all about calmness and harmony. Important colours are different shades of green combined with lilac and pink, because they stand for memories, softness and poetry. Flowers and plants complete this feeling. Elegantly winding paths, transparent grasses and intimate terraces will be seen in the garden within this style.

Matching products to this style: 

Digitalis Artic Fox

- Perovskia Bluesette