Achillea Milly Rock

  • Central flowering
  • Healthy leaves, less cleaning effort
  • Compact habit



Plants with a wildflower character are trendy!

The Milly Rock series is our own breeding and stands for: compactness, good branching, strong colours and a very healthy foliage.

With a height of 30 cm, Milly Rock is a perfect partner for the cultivation in 13 cm pots and recommended for 17 cm and 19 cm containers.

It’s a special article for one year culture with a short cultivation time and a selling window from June to August. Perennials with a wildflower character are trendy, and Achillea are also a popular source of nectar for bees.

High series uniformity

High series uniformity. Picture taken in week 24 during the Florensis Trials Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, The Netherlands. Plants potted in week 12.

Performance pictures


This improved stunning intense bright red colour just blows you away! Central flowering for the best retail sale ability without bad leaves in the center of the plants.


The healthy green foliage gives this product a fresh and healthy look for a long time! Potted in week 12; the picture is taken on 15.07.2021 at our container field in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht (NL).


This outstanding Milly Rock MixMasters® is a real colour party for the bees. The colours are perfectly matched, as well as the plant habit of the different colours due to their high uniformity. For the time being available as a recipe.



Milly Rock



Milly Rock

Red Impr.


Milly Rock



Milly Rock



Milly Rock

Yellow Terracotta Impr.


Milly Rock



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Achillea Milly Rock MixMasters® is now available in one trio plug!

This outstanding Achillea Milly Rock MixMasters® combines all the unique characteristics of Milly Rock in one plug! A real feast of colours for the bees. The colours are perfectly matched, as well as the plant habit of the different colours thanks to their high uniformity. Let the colour party begin!  

  • Short cultivation time
  • Healthy green leaves
  • Natural compact plant habit