Geranium Bloom Me Away  

  • Better branching than comparable varieties
  • Richer in flowering and last longer
  • Earlier flowering
  • Compact habit
  • Suitable both for impulse sales and landscaping use



The next generation Geranium!

Geranium Bloom Me Away is a great product for both impulse sales and landscaping use.
Faster than comparable varieties, it starts flowering in spring after a short production time and it presents loads of attractive blue flowers till the frost comes.
The outstanding early flowering and compact habit makes Bloom Me Away excellent for impulse-production in pots and containers.
The perfect ground covering properties combined with prolific flowering and long-lasting flowers makes Bloom Me Away a perfect fit for landscaping as well. Early & good pot filling!

Picture was taken on 16.06.2020, Florensis Trials in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, The Netherlands. Left = Bloom Me Away. Right = Standard variety. Both are from Tissue culture and potted in the same week.

Performance pictures

Wow! Very good summer performance. Picture was taken on 13.07.2020 at the trial station in Veitshöchheim, South Germany.



Bloom Me Away



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