Petunia Amore™

  • Unique heart-shape pattern
  • Early flowering & mounded habit
  • Great in pots or hanging baskets
  • A unique product with retail and end-consumer potential
  • Outstanding performance in the chain and the garden

Ready to fall in love?

Well, here is the solution for you!

This amazing Petunia series is decorated with beautiful heart-shapes on every flower, spreading a message of love and friendship in the garden. With its long lasting flowering period and a strong and uniform semi-trailing habit, it is an innovation and a fabulous choice for every pot, basket or mixed container. All colours of the series are pretty well matching and therefore good combinable for mixed retail trolleys.


Learn in this video what makes Amore™ Pink Heart so special.



The ideal choice

Amore is the ideal choice for trolley actions in pots or hanging baskets for Mother's Day sales. Our advice: 2 layer of the classic Queen of Hearts, 2 layer of the amazing Pink Hearts and one layer of each of the remaining colours for best sales results.

Amore™ Fiesta


This one is adding contrast because of the dark heart.

Amore™ Joy


Vivid colour with good flower performance.

Amore™ King of Hearts


The one with the real red heart. A bit on the late side but a key colour combination.

Amore™ Pink Hearts


The hidden champion. Extremely floriferous, very strong colour, early. It will most likely sell the fastest.

Amore™ Queen of Hearts


The classic and still no. 1 in sales.

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