Perovskia BluesetteNew

A new blues is born!
Bluesette is named after a relatively unknown jazz reference. Just like this unknown jazz reference, for most gardeners Perovskia is the well-known 'unknown' blue variety like Lavandula and Salvia. This new blues concept is specially designed for traditional varieties for the visual attractive market.

Bluesette has all the best habits: it has an early flowering window, silver foliage, easy maintenance, drought tolerance, and is pollinator-friendly! In addition, this alternative to vegetative varieties is an compact branching and early Perovskia from seed. Bluesette is suitable for the market in patio containers but will work at the front of the border as well. It brings added value and appeals to a variety of garden spaces."

  • Season extenders
  • Drought tolerant and insect-friendly varieties
  • Very long flowering window and easy maintenance



Blue Steel





Performance pictures

A true compact Perovskia! Bluesette is about 30% - 50% more compact than blue steel (right). Picture taken in the Florensis trial garden 14th of June 2022.

Fully in flower Perovskia Bluesette in landscaping against Blue Steel in the back. Shows a 50% more compact plant habit and is up till 7-10 days earlier in bloom.

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