Primula Obsidian

This primrose has a distinct dark foliage that creates a striking contrast in any garden. The dark leaves refer to the name Obsidian, which means dark volcanic glass. This primrose is hardy and survives down to -10 degrees and even lower. 

Obsidian not only has a luxurious look but is also super uniform in flowering, both within colours and across colours which is an advantage for the grower. Easily programmable cultivation is possible with a natural compact growth habit.

With Primula Obsidian, you can add a touch of sophistication to your garden while enjoying the durability and reliability of a hardy primrose. This makes it a save choice for growers and consumers with a longer selling period from winter to early spring.

Strong as Lava!


  • Truly winter hardy
  • Uniform flower window
  • Attractive dark foliage


Primula Obsidian

Antique Rose


Primula Obsidian

Blue Deep Shades


Primula Obsidian



Primula Obsidian



Primula Obsidian

Yellow Light


Performance pictures

Winterhardiness trial in Venhuizen Obsidian (left) vs Wanda (right).

Green leaved primroses at the left next to the new dark leaved series Obsidian at the right.

Equal flowering and uniform plant habit across the different colours.

The uniformity in the series makes beautiful mixes possible.

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