Euphorbia Euphoria®

  • Heat and drought tolerance
  • Resistance to water management
  • No yellow leaves
  • Compact and equal growth
  • Continuously flowering

The maintenance free mix partner

This free flowering Euphorbia hypericifolia creates a euphoric feeling by everyone who sees it. Plant it in a pot, balcony box or even in garden borders, Euphorbia flowers whole summer long. You can’t get your eyes of it  - even in hot summers - as you can see on this pictures from 24.09.2019, Kevelaer, Germany.




Modern mix combinations

Easy to grow because of its higher tolerance against wet circumstances and fast to ship because less cleaning of yellow leaves. Those characteristics also improve the shelf life on the shop floor. Euphoria is a stylish partner for modern mix combinations or trolley sales actions.

This trolley shows that contrast is beautiful! Petunia Collection Black, Euphorbia Euphoria, Ipomoea Solarpower Black Heart, Verbena Firehouse white.





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