Helleborus Advent Star

Helleborus niger are grown as pot plants to cheer up the dark days before Christmas with their pure white flowers. The seed propagated variety of Advent Star enables the production of flowering pot plants in the first year from a young plant. Start of the cultivation in February indoor. Advent Star is the best branching seed propagated Christmas rose who is very reliable and uniform in flowering and plant habit.

Helleborus Advent Star Early

The new generation Advent Star stands out by flowering with more flowers and a higher percentage of usable, well-branched flowering plants. It is 100% first year flowering. As the name already suggests, Advent Star Early is very uniform and good programmable. Flowering plants of the Early selection can already be sold in week 39. 

Helleborus Advent Star Early

  • Different plug sizes:
    • 1 plug 288 for 9-13 cm
    • 1 plug 084 for 15-19cm
  • 100% first year flowering
  • Pure white selection

Performance pictures

84 plug vs 288 plug directly after potting

A lot of flower buds in the first year! The picture shows an 84 plug on a 15 cm pot.

Healthy green uniform plants with a lot of flower buds ready to pop!






Star Early